Independent Certification Provider

The Energy Efficiency Association operates as an independent third-party accreditation provider to various Energy Efficiency and Energy Auditor Training programs. As an independent entity we don't receive any direct compensation for training programs sold. We also don't have any members of the training companies we certify on our board.

Operating as a not-for-profit company helps ensure that we only use the highest "Standards of Accreditation" and that the programs we endorse offer a real-world opportunity for you to be successful.



Our Latest News

The Energy Efficiency Association is proud to announce our Veteran Scholarship program. We now provide 10 scholarships to veterans every month. This program is available through our partnership with the Energy Audit Institute.
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What we do

Our mission is to reduce wasted energy through our extensive education and certification programs.

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What our client's say

test “The insights we receive from the association members has proven invaluable. All of our recent upgrades and improvements are directly attributable to this great association.

Mack Christian
Energy Audit Institute